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Our teenage hero, Little Pete, has his hands full. 

Forced into going hunting with his abusive father and bully older brother when he rather be online, at his young age he also have to deal with alcoholism, illegal drugs, gun control (or lack thereof), racism, conspiracy theories, human sexuality... 

... all of these and Zombies too! 

A musical spoof celebrating the classic zombie lore and the original George Romero films, this play combines comedy and social commentary with 15 original tunes, loads of zombie shooting, horrified townsfolk, and plenty of live ones to munch on, this new musical offers lots of blood, gore, horror, and the delicate feeding rituals of the undead. 

The perfect recipe for fun.


The One-armed Zombie.


The Bossy Zombie.


The Practically Naked Zombies.


The Gluttonous Zombie.


The Sexy Zombie.

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